Attention !!! „BEC Fraud”

The police draw attention to a phenomenon which has consequences one of the most negative for companies. It is a mode of operation called Business E-mail Compromise Fraud also known as type Fraud BEC – which concerns bank transfers made between companies.

Business E-mail Compromise Fraud „ BEC Fraud”it is defined as a complex fraud targeting companies or government institutions, involved în the managment of international projects, contracted with foreign customers (foreign trade activities) and regularly make payments by bank transfer.

Criminal scheme assume accessing the way unauthorized of email accounts of some companies, to sign a contract, monitoring the correspondence carried out by the employees of that company and simulation of real correspondence with the partner institution of the Republic of Moldova, a similar or identical email address.

In this context, the Chisinau Glass Factory recommends to customers and partners, to constantly check the correctness of the name of the email address through which it is communicated.

The information about the change of bank requisites needs to be verified repeatedly and through different sources of communication.

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