Welcome to the State Enterprise “Fabrica de sticlă din Chişinău” (“Chişinău glass factory”) – the biggest enterprise in the glass making sector of Moldova.

Founded in 1970 the State Enterprise “Fabrica de sticlă din Chişinău” represents one of the absolute leaders on the internal Moldavian market and also one of the most confidante partner on the foreign markets, covering the requirements of the local wine-cognac and liquor-vodka plants, vegetables and fruit processing and canning enterprises, producers of refreshment drinks, baby food, ketchups etc.

Today the “portfolio” of the “Chişinău glass factory” includes about 300 kinds of various bottles and jars, with a range of products capacity:

– glass bottles of colorless glass, 0,1-3,0 liter capacity, various configuration with conventional and screw-neck bottle;

– glass jars of colorless glass, 0,1-5,0 liter capacity, various configuration (type I and twist-off).

Catalog of products made of glass

The enterprise exports production to the following countries:
Tel: +373 22 47-39-26